Laura Wheatley, M.S. E. P.​

Meet Our Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer/
Wellness & Nutritional Counselor

Receiving her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and her Master's degree in Education and Wellness Programming, Laura Wheatley has experience and education not only in Personal Training but also cardiac rehabilitation. She has worked with rehab patients and healthy individuals in guiding them to a lifestyle of wellness holistically. This includes strength training as well as cardiovascular exercises and supplemental nutritional guidance. She believes that exercise is one part of the wellness lifestyle, but that learning proper form and technique go hand in hand with daily movement that can benefit both your heart and mind.

As Laura takes on her new responsibilities in meeting the needs of our rehab patients at Team Rehab and our wellness patients at Funtastic Fitness, she will be incorporating her many areas of expertise to meet the personal needs and goals for a healthy lifestyle! She will create individualized plans of care for our patients post-injury, post-surgery, and post-rehab. She will develop programs for those clients who are beginning or are already on the road to preventive care and wellness. 

Laura is excited to be an active participant in the lives of her clients as they work to return to healthy and active living. She will teach proper form and provide education on how to safely keep their bodies in the best shape and functioning maximally. Laura brings an enthusiasm, empathy, and knowledge to assist our patients and clients in their personal journeys to well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about what Laura can do to help you achieve your best health, please call our office to schedule an initial consultation.

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Team Rehab Presents

Personal Training


*Improve balance and coordination

*Improve strength

*Increase flexibility

*Improve exercise performance and endurance

*Promote relaxation

*Decrease Stress

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Who should sign up for personal training?

Well, everyone!

Senior citizens looking to improve balance

Experienced athletes looking to improve performance

Anyone who has never set foot in a gym and wants to begin an exercise regimen

Laura will tailor a program to your own specific needs