Who should sign up for personal training?

Well, everyone!

Senior citizens looking to improve balance

Experienced athletes looking to improve performance

Anyone who has never set foot in a gym and wants to begin an exercise regimen

Paul will tailor a program to your own specific needs


Improve balance and coordination

Improve strength

Increase flexibility

Improve exercise performance and endurance

Promotes relaxation

Decrease Stress

 Both at Team Rehab and among the area’s of rehab professionals, Paul owns the reputation as being one of the region’s leading exercise and fitness experts. His exceptional talents include a friendly and engaging personality and a passion for educating patients about the value of exercise for health and wellness. He specializes in posture, biomechanics, and joint stabilization, and has a particular interest in sports-specific training. He combines many years of experience with a B.S. in education, an M.S. in Exercise Physiology, and advanced training in strengthening, conditioning and work hardening. 

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Paul Ambler, M.S. E. P.

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