A Wellness Center

TechXercise… because we’re bored with the same traditional exercises .

Stationary bikes
Pull ups. Push ups. Sit ups.

We’ve all been there… because exercise is good for us. But getting fit and feeling great don’t have to be boring; and they don’t have to be traditional. Technology changes everything, and TechXercise brings that innovative technology to the world of fitness. Getting in shape and feeling better have never been this much fun

TechXercise by Design...

The entire program is designed and overseen by a physician with special training in the science of exercise, body mechanics and nutrition. And TechXercise is one of very few opportunities where the entire family can exercise together – even against one another. Parents and children will have fun training together. TechXercise is especially aimed at:

  • Ages 8 and older
  • Non-athletes
  • Overweight children and adults
  • Athletes requiring functional cross-training
  • Those bored by traditional exercises
  • Fitness buffs seeking new challenges
  • Parents and children looking to exercise together

TechXercise: Funtastic fitness for better health and feel-good living.

To begin your journey or to learn more about TechXercise, contact us


A unique funtastic journey to better health, fitness and feel-good living.

Replacing tedious and repetitive conventional exercising with an exciting contemporary program of fun and electronic challenges. 

Three minutes, then move on… fast.

Why TechXercise?

America is facing a health crisis. A crisis of “overeating” and overindulging.” A crisis without exceptions. It impacts working adults right on up through our seniors. Race and ethnicity aren’t exclusions. Income levels don’t matter. Nor does gender or where we live. But it’s especially insidious with our children. Poor eating habits, overindulgence and a serious lack of exercise. Our kids will suffer dearly for it.

TechXercise makes a difference.

It’s about challenging yourself and others. It’s about quickness and coordination. And it’s about innovation – a unique combination of having fun and getting healthy.

TechXercise. A journey to funtastic fitness!